Private Track Rental

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  • Location: Kralendijk, Bonaire
  • Product code: PVT1H

Experience the most fun you'll ever have on three wheels!

Sailing on land using blokart land yachts is fun, fast and addictive. A blokart is a 3-wheel kart with a sail. All the power comes from the wind. The sail is designed in such a way that it captures the wind and transfers the power into a forward motion.

Is it difficult to learn to sail a blokart?

So simple! You will take to it in minutes. It is the same principle as sailing on water only easier and quicker. You will be given full instructions and a safety briefing. Our instructors are always available to provide help and advice.

How fast do they go?

You have complete control of the speed. It depends on the wind conditions and how fast you want to go. With a good breeze at the track, you can get along at around 30-40 km/h. With stormy conditions, you can reach speeds closer to 50 - 60 km/h. The current world blokart speed record is 125 km/h on a dry lake in Nevada.

What if the weather is bad?

If the wind is blowing it is a good day! Blokarts only need the slightest of breeze. However, in the unlikely event that there is no wind or it is coming from the wrong direction, we'll rebook you for another day. We have a range of sails for most conditions but if the wind is too strong for safe sailing we may temporarily close the blokart track. Raining? We may have to postpone. A full refund will be made if the weather prohibits us from sailing. 

How safe are blokarts? 

Assuming you follow instructions and use a little common sense they are very safe. They are probably the safest sail sport on the planet! The instructors will size your sail based on the conditions, your size, and experience. If you are a little nervous just tell the instructor and they will set-up your kart with a smaller sail.

Who can sail?

This is a sport that is suitable for all the family. Generally, children from 8 years and older can sail by themselves. There is NO upper age limit for those young at heart! Children between 3 and 8 years old can sail in a shadow kart with an adult.

So join us at the track on the road to Rincon, or book a pick up from your resort (at a small additional fee)!